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We are an established exporter of Sous Vide meat products, providing high-quality and reliable Sous Vide products to our customers globally. Our Sous Vide method guarantees we maintain the flavour and texture of the meat whilst also providing a safe and consistent product.
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With stringent export and import standards, we ensure that all our produce meets the highest standards of food quality and safety through our HACCP & SQF certified facility. Through our import and export registration as well as NSW Authority certification, this allows us to sell our products into every sector including retail in the Australian and offshore markets.

We also work with HACCP certified global transporters to ensure our products remain safe for consumption during transport and storage.


Whole Sale Beef Exports

With a reputation for being consistently flavoursome and tender, Australian beef is one of the most sought-after cattle globally. Ribs & Roasts knows that consumers seek more ethical, natural meat options, that’s why we have a focus on acquiring quality meats, ensuring that the abattoirs we work with follow the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading for all red meat.

Ribs & Roast is committed to delivering only the best to you, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent, nutritious, and delicious sous vide Australian beef that you’ll be proud to serve.


Whole Sale Lamb Exports

Proudly producing only Australian lamb, our customers know to expect not only flavoursome lamb but also superior meat quality and consistency with our Sous Vide method. Australia is renowned for its clean, green pastures and feed, which is how we make certain that we serve you, consistently delicious and tender lamb every time. Ribs & Roasts strive to ensure all our lamb products are met with the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for red meat grading.


Whole Sale Pork Exports

At Ribs & Roast, we take pride in sourcing only the best quality Pork cuts from farms we have built long term relationships with. This helps us ensure that we produce tender Sous Vide products, guaranteeing we deliver flavourful, and perfectly cooked pork that is easy to prepare and serve.


Whole Sale Chicken Exports

Chicken meat is the most frequently consumed meat product by most Australians, consuming almost 40kg per year. Knowing this, Ribs & Roasts has secured the resources to ensure we have a consistent stronghold on the poultry market in Australia. We make certain the chicken meat we secure has high standards of animal welfare and our chicken products are cage free, we know this is important, not only to our customers, but also the end user.
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