Director & Co-Founder “The Butcher”
Paul O’Shea
Paul O’Shea, the co-founder and director of Ribs and Roast, brings a wealth of experience as the company. With a remarkable career spanning 55 years in the butchery industry, Paul’s expertise is instrumental in ensuring that Ribs and Roast sources only the finest produce for its sous vide manufacturing process. As “The Butcher” behind the scenes, Paul’s deep knowledge of meat selection and his commitment to quality have played a pivotal role in establishing Ribs and Roast as Australia’s premier sous vide manufacturer. His years of experience and passion for precision ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Paul’s visionary leadership has contributed to the company’s success. Together with Tony Italiano, he has forged Ribs and Roast by amalgamating over 90 years of combined experience in the culinary world. Under Paul’s guidance, the company continues to thrive, delivering exceptional sous vide products that have earned them a well-deserved reputation as the country’s leading sous vide specialists.

Together, Paul O’Shea, Tony Italiano, Ryan O’Shea, and Cassandra Italiano form a formidable team that drives Ribs and Roast forward. With their combined expertise, passion, and dedication, they have established Ribs and Roast as Australia’s leading sous vide manufacturer, setting new standards of excellence in the culinary world. Their shared vision and commitment to quality continue to shape the company’s success, making Ribs and Roast a force to be reckoned with.

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